2020 Auditions

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The Madison Scouts have recently adopted a new inclusion policy that opens our membership to all applicants including women. We welcome applicants and members regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Read about it here >>

The Madison Scouts conduct our auditions from October through early December at various locations and via video. Those receiving “callbacks” are asked to attend our December rehearsal to finalize a spot in the corps. Winter rehearsals continue monthly from January through April and our Spring Training move-ins begins in mid-May. The DCI tour runs from mid-June through mid-August. During our pre-tour rehearsals, students will learn our basic technique, rehearse the program and supplementary music, and begin to learn our policies, philosophy, and history.


November 30 – December 1
Brass, Percussion (no cymbals) & Color Guard
Dallas, TX – McKinney North High School

December 6-8
Brass, Percussion, Cymbals, Color Guard & Drum Majors
Indianapolis, IN – Indiana State Fairgrounds

Video Auditions available by request: Dann@ForwardPerformingArts.org

Winter Rehearsal Dates

December 20-22 – Brass, All Percussion, & Conductor Callbacks
Indianapolis, IN – Indiana State Fairgrounds

January 24-26 – Brass & Percussion
Indianapolis, IN – Indiana State Fairgrounds

February 14-16 – Brass & Percussion
Indianapolis, IN – Indiana State Fairgrounds

(CANCELLED, READ MORE) March 27-29 – Brass Only
Milwaukee, WI – Whitnall Middle School

(CANCELLED) April 24-26 – Brass, Percussion, and Guard
Indianapolis, IN – Beech Grove High School

Spring Training

Spring Training location to be announced soon.

Targeted start date – TBD

The Process

The Madison Scouts audition experience begins with our first rehearsal in October & November and continues one weekend a month until spring training. Over the course of each rehearsal weekend, you will work closely with our instructional staff to learn the foundation of our technique program. In addition to section and group rehearsals, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of our staff members, who will give you important pointers on how to prepare for your next rehearsal.

After your first rehearsal, and after each subsequent rehearsal, you will be notified of your standing with the corps. While it is possible for you to earn a contract after the first rehearsal, the reality is that most members attend multiple rehearsals before earning their spot. It is critical that you use the time between rehearsals to strengthen the weak areas identified by our staff. The audition process can be long and trying, but with hard work and dedication a spot with the Madison Scouts is entirely within your reach!

Member Tuition

It’s no secret—marching in a drum corps can be costly. While we work tirelessly to keep tuition reasonable, the truth is that you need to plan and prepare to pay your tuition in a timely manner. We offer a variety of fundraising and scholarship opportunities. However, the scholarships are competitive and the fundraisers are only as successful as the work you put into them.

Our tuition covers all housing, food, corps transportation, equipment, and uniform costs while you are on tour and during spring training, as well as an education delivered by our world class instructional team. You will need to have sufficient funds for laundry every two weeks, as well as for other expenses such as rehearsal clothing, quality athletic footwear, performance gloves, performance socks, performance undergarments, personal OTC medications & medical supplies, and any spending money for free days or the occasional non-corps meal. Members are responsible for the costs of replacing uniform parts or equipment that are missing or damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear.

We strive to keep our tuition costs as reasonable as possible and try not have any “hidden” or unexpected costs for students.

Only contracted members pay tuition. However, everyone must pay the audition registration fee.

Tuition Schedule

2020 Audition Fee

2020 Tuition
$4600 – First year students
$4300 – Returning students
$300 discount for fundraising participation

Payment Schedule
December 15: $700
January 1: $700
February 1: $700
March 1: $700
April 1: $700
May 1: $700
May 15: Balance

5% discount for full tuition payment by 12/31/19

Common Questions

When you register to audition, you will receive an email confirmation. In the email confirmation, there will be a link to download your audition packet. The packet will explain what you need to prepare. Please note, the audition packet is provided only as a digital download (PDF). You will not receive anything in the mail.

During your audition, you will be evaluated on and will need to be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. A desire to be in the corps. A great attitude and the ability to take instruction are invaluable.
  2. The skills required to be in the corps.
  3. Commitment to the rehearsal schedule. You need to be in attendance.
  4. Ability to pay tuition. We strive to keep our tuition lower than most other corps, but we need your commitment to meet your financial obligation in a timely manner.

We offer multiple fundraising and scholarship opportunities. The sooner you become a contracted member of the corps, the more opportunities you will have to offset your tuition!

No. We go to great lengths to keep tuition as low as possible. The amount you pay is a fraction of the actual cost incurred to provide this opportunity. By joining late, you are not only limiting your own ability to raise money, you are missing out on months of training and preparation for the season.

No. In cooperation with other corps and Drum Corps International, you will not be eligible to perform with the Scouts until your outstanding obligations have been fulfilled.

Yes! Contact corps director Dann Petersen at director@madisonscouts.org for details about conductor auditions.

Yes. Returning members will receive a discount on tuition. You will be required to go through the audition process as a new member in order to allow our staff to get to know you and assess your current skill level.

The best preparation is actually going through the process this year. Even if you don’t think you have chance, we recommend you give it your best effort. You will no doubt learn a great deal about yourself and the process.
While we expect 100% attendance, we understand that on rare occasions you may have an unavoidable conflict. You are encouraged to remain active in the audition process, but understand we cannot hold a spot open for you.
Due to the high volume of applicants, we ask that brass players bring an instrument to rehearsals when possible.

Each section handles video auditions differently. Email Dann Petersen at Director@MadisonScouts.org for details.