The Madison Scouts

The year was 1937. A group of business men gathered at the University of Wisconsin Stock Pavilion to view a performance by the Racine Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps. Impressed and entertained, the men brought back to Madison what they saw and heard. Months later, on February 8, 1938, The Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps was born.

Forging past its humble beginnings, the Madison Scouts has established itself as a premier youth performing arts organization on the modern drum and bugle corps scene. “Proud, Loud and Pleasing the Crowd”–an unofficial mantra of the corps–the Scouts are known for their entertainment-focused programs that consistently bring audiences to their feet.

Today’s corps boasts 150 performing members selected from an audition process that spans the course of several months. Maintaining a diverse membership, performers join the corps from across the globe each year. The  2014 membership of the Madison Scouts represents countries as far away as Japan as wells as 41 of the Continental United States.

Our mission is to provide programs for youth in music and performance training through a positive environment that emphasizes character and social development, leadership, self-discipline, and the pursuit of excellence.

Men of Madison

What does it mean to be a man? The answer is simple.

Manhood cannot be measured with numbers. It is not the size of your body, your bank account, or the things you own. It cannot be tallied up or entered into a spreadsheet.

Being a man means more than just understanding what is right; it’s doing the right thing.

Being a man means supporting others regardless of differences and personal disagreements.

Being a man means striving to do more than you think you are capable of in a way that inspires those around you to do the same.

Being a man means understanding the weight of history, the triumphs and failures of those before you, to appreciate the present and prepare for the future.

Being a man means accepting emotion is human, and learning when and how to suitably express your true self.

Being a man means participating in something bigger than yourself to accomplish a greater goal for the good of many.

What does it mean to be a Man of Madison?

A Madison Scout strives to make the impossible possible. He produces that famous wall of sound and unmistakable Madison style. He pursues excellence in his performance, work habits, and personal life. He is a brother to every member and alumnus, standing by each in loyalty and encouragement. A Madison Scouts represents the tradition of 76 years of quality and innovation. He knows where he came from and looks to the future with tenacity.

Are you ready to become a Man of Madison?